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Thread: Upgrade 5.0.11 NE to 6.0.6 NE Cluster

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    Default Upgrade 5.0.11 NE to 6.0.6 NE Cluster

    Hy guys,

    I have a 5.0.11 NE Editition with approx. 1500 users.

    We want to upgrade to 6.0.6 but i am challenged by the migration to a cluster as well, anybode done something like this?

    I am not sure if I can do the following:

    * Upgrade the server to 6.0.6
    Make a full backup
    Install a new cluster setup with 6.0.6
    Restore the ldap, mysql and mailstore to the new cluster-partitions?

    will this work? does the zimbra cluster setup anything special to the ldap, which would make the ldap-restore useless?


    * Can I upgrade to 6.0.6, and in the same process upgrade to a cluster?
    After reading the manuals I do not really think so ...


    * Create first the 6.0.6 cluster fresh, then make a zimbra2zimbra transfer from the old machine?
    I guess this approach would be nice, but i also guess it will take more time, I need more space on the filer, I have to deal with users working on the old machine whilst the transfered once need access on the new machine (difficult with 1500 users) ...
    Is such a migration of 1500 users done in a reasonable amount of time (could it be done on a weekend?).
    Is it possible to make Zimbra2Zimbra transfer from 5.0.11 NE to 6.0.6 NE?

    Any Advice, best Idea?

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