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Thread: Global Shared Calendar?

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    Default Global Shared Calendar?

    I was wondering if there is any way to have a globally shared calendar that is every user's default calendar? I have tried sharing a calendar using the method described in the docs, but it poses a few shortcomings:

    In order to be shared it has to send an email notification which has to be accepted by the user. This is a pain and especially as we add new users I don't want the admin to have to remember to go in and resend the share notification to the new users. If someone goes to add a new account 6 months from now, I doubt they'll remember to do that. I want a default global calendar that is automatically shared by everyone.

    I would prefer to have this be the "main" calendar for everyone also. When a user goes to create a new appointment, they have to remember to select the shared calendar to post it to, otherwise it defaults to their private calendar. This creates scheduling problems when users get in a hurry and forget to change the calendar and not realize they just posted an appointment to their private calendar and nobody is aware of it.

    Is there any way to simply have the default calendar automatically shared among every user?

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    I can't help with the bigger problem but as for remembering to resend a share notification to new users you may be able to solve that by putting each new account into a "global" distribution list. Zimbra does not build such a list, you have to do it yourself. You might do some searches. I came up with and

    Then you share the calendar to the distribution list and see

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