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Thread: Big mistake, need help please!

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    Default Big mistake, need help please!

    Hi all,

    I'm in alot of trouble now. I know now what I did wrong but I don't know how to fix it so I need help.

    I wanted to test my zimbra install on an other server so I restored a backup copy of it on to that other server and I followed these instructions : ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki.

    But there is one thing that I misread... I did not prevent the second server from accessing the prod server so when it modified the ldap config data, it modified it on the prod server instead.

    So now, some services are not working anymore.

    So like I said, I know what apened but IM having a hard time finding the method to correct in ldap what was modified by the script Zmsetservername.

    I'm not to used with using zmprov.

    Can anyone help me?


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    I found the mean to fix the problem, I looked at the script zmsetservername, I looked in zimbra/conf/localconfig.xml to find the values I needed and I wrote a script that did, but only on the ldap, the reverse of what was done by mistake so my ldap is back to a working condition.


    I think I learned something today!

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    Excellent please mark the thread as closed.

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