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Thread: Zimbra pdc pam problems after root password change

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    Default Zimbra pdc pam problems after root password change


    I have installed Zimbra with Samba as PDC following the great tutorial UNIX and Windows Accounts in Zimbra LDAP and Zimbra Admin UI 6.0 - Zimbra :: Wiki some time ago. Until now everything went pretty fine. But some days ago I changed the root password of my zimbra server using cssh. Recognizing my mistake I changed it back. However since this time some things including my pam seems not to work as exposed. Here a short list of error occurring:
    1. Doing su on console I need to enter passwords twice
    2. Changing Password at my windows clients I get asked for the new password twice too. Interesting at this point is that I need to enter the real old password as "old password" the 1st Time the 2nd Time I need to enter the "new" password as "old password".
    3. If I create a new user in my Zimbra Backend home directories are not created automatically at 1st login.
    and so on...

    I guess the problem is that my root Hash at ldap is not matching the new (old password) root hash and therefore my pam is not working anymore. Searching for the problem I found something about the topic belonging to the zimbra 5.0 Tutorial. There was written that I need to sync my rootpassword again using some ldap command at console. (sorry cant find it at the moment for a link)
    But being a productive system I am a little curious about try and error how to do it. So my question is if someone of you can tell me the right way.

    Greez Bagalude
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    No one an Idea?

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