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Thread: Stats don't update

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    Well I'm glad that solution worked for everyone.

    Unfortunately for me my stats_img_directory looks fine:

    [zimbra@webmail libexec]$ zmlocalconfig stats_img_folder
    stats_img_folder = /opt/zimbra/logger/db/work

    I am still not getting any stats though. The /opt/zimbra/logger/db/work directory is definitely being populated with current data.

    Any ideas on where I can look to troubleshoot this?

    FC5 ZCS4.5.4


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    Well I'm having the same issue as the poster above.
    stats_img directory looks fine too

    However my logswatch.out have something like this

    DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table './zimbra_logger/raw_logs' is marked as crashed and should be repaired at /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmlogger line 169, <> line 3582

    I have similar entries in logprocess.out but with additional stuffs like ..

    Error executing select distinct(postfix_qid) from raw_logs where postfix_qid is not null and app lie 'postfix%' and id > '81243' with

    And a few more of..

    Table './zimbra_logger/raw_logs' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

    I know my current installation hasn't exactly been a smooth ride.. but at least everything now is working except for this graph statistic thingee which I thought was pretty cool..

    Any ideas?

    Running CentOS5(was on CentOS4 still having this issue) - on the RHEL4 version.

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    Found this thread..

    Did as told, db restarted normally but now..

    Server status fails to show anything now. Going to server status pages gave me this..

    Message: Csfe service error
    Error code: service.FAILURE
    Method: ZmCsfeCommand.invoke
    Details:system failure: getting database logger connection

    the mysql started up fine though. i did kill previous mysql processes before doing the zmloggerinit etc..

    Eep. Help!

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    Take a look at bug 14809
    It's fixed in 4.5.5, but I think that's related.

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