Hello, all. We're having a devil of a time trying to use Kontact as a front end to Zimbra. I've searched extensively and have posted to the user forum but still no success.

IMAP is working splendidly well for mail. The problems are with Calendar, Contacts, and free/busy.

We set up webdav access for the Calendar and it works well except every time one creates or edits an appointment in Kontact, Kontact generates an error that it failed but the appointment is created successfully.

Contacts are almost working. We originally tried to access these as an IMAP Groupware Resource but this provokes an error about not being able to find the Calendar folder on every synchronization. I suspect it is a malformed URI as it seems to ask for myserver.mycompany.com:993Calendar and I'm guessing it should be myserver.mycompany.com:993/Calendar. So we reverted to creating Directory based Contact Resources and pointing them to the local IMAP directories for the Contact folders.

This works well although it is many extra steps as opposed to using IMAP resources. However, whenever we edit or add a contact in Kontact, it fails and generates a failed to APPEND error.

We do not have free/busy working at all. We've set the retrieve URI to https://zimbra.mycompany.com/home/%u@%d?fmt=freebusy but no luck.

Any suggestions, solutions, pointers to documentation to get this to work. We are trying to migrate users from Outlook and the are finding the features missing in the web interface a real show stopper. Thus the desire to give them a more Outlook like client. The list is quite long so I don't see the web interface as an option (emailing contacts, emailing from within an application, multiple attachments at once, etc). Thanks - John