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Thread: "can not access account" for 10 minutes after deletion

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    Default "can not access account" for 10 minutes after deletion

    We've been testing some scripts to migrate users from other mail servers to our zimbra cluster, and while what we're doing isn't exactly normal, we've run into a nuisance problem:

    zmprov ca user@domain password
    zmprov da user@domain
    zmprov ga user@domain password
    ERROR: service.PERM_DENIED (permission denied: can not access account 8830ab4a-2630-4517-90d9-01072c6d53cc)

    after 15 minutes, this goes to the expected "no such account"; we ran into this when deleting a test domain from a previous run, then running the migration, which tests to see if an account exists before trying to create it. This is being run on the admin machine in a multi-server cluster (one admin "first store", 2 ldap, 2 mta/proxy and 4 real stores). The ga works fine on both ldap machines when it's failing on the admin machine.

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    Default Multi-server delete account resulting in ERROR: service.PERM_DENIED

    We are experimenting with the Zimbra 6.0.6 multi-server environment and developing the link between our accounting processes and those used by Zimbra. We are currently running these processes on the "admin" node.

    After successfully creating an account using our processes, I deleted the account via the ZimbraAdmin console. Following that action, for at least 10 minutes, we received the following error when trying to perform any operation on the deleted account via the zmprov command (get account, create account, etc.):

    ERROR: service.PERM_DENIED (permission denied: can not access account <userid>

    Eventually, this behavior was replaced by the expected error, NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT.

    Does anyone know whether this is by design or a bug?

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