We've been testing some scripts to migrate users from other mail servers to our zimbra cluster, and while what we're doing isn't exactly normal, we've run into a nuisance problem:

zmprov ca user@domain password
zmprov da user@domain
zmprov ga user@domain password
ERROR: service.PERM_DENIED (permission denied: can not access account 8830ab4a-2630-4517-90d9-01072c6d53cc)

after 15 minutes, this goes to the expected "no such account"; we ran into this when deleting a test domain from a previous run, then running the migration, which tests to see if an account exists before trying to create it. This is being run on the admin machine in a multi-server cluster (one admin "first store", 2 ldap, 2 mta/proxy and 4 real stores). The ga works fine on both ldap machines when it's failing on the admin machine.