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Thread: Lock on Events in Calendar

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    Default Lock on Events in Calendar

    Hey folks,

    I have recently installed Zimbra on a Ubuntu Server and
    ran into a nasty issue when testing my desired setup.
    This setup involves a number of (say three) calenders
    be created on ONE account and that they be SHARED,
    using the SHARE CALENDAR function, by all the other
    accounts on the domain.

    The problem now is: When two or more users at the
    same time modify an event, data is overwritten and
    lost. There are no messages from the system like:
    "Be careful, somebody else is working on this." or
    "You have to reload before saving changes, otherwise
    data might be lost.".

    Does Zimbra know an option to enable locks on the
    events. I have tested the SHARE CALENDAR function
    and I have tested adding all the calendars using the
    CHILD ACCOUNT function. The outcome remains the
    same: Data is lost.

    Does anybody know, whether there is an option to
    enable these, in my opinion, crucial locks? Is someone
    already working on this? Would you recommend to
    implement it myself?

    Looking forward to any advice.
    Be greeted!


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    As far as I know this functionality is not currently implemented as it would require a rather large change to how calendar event modifications are handled. Feel free to search Bugzilla though and if you can't find a bug currently filed addressing this issue, file one yourself.

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    Alright. Thanks for your help. This is sad and unprecedented though.
    The thread may be closed. Be greeted

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    Question Still not implemented?

    Is this event editing lock still not implemented?


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