Hi all,

as some of our users complain about disappeaing appointments in certain situations, I digged in our logfiles for some hours and now I am able to reproduce a strange calendar bug...

lets consider this situation:

conference@domain.com : is a Ressource that shares the calendar readonly to the Internet (can be accessed as .ics File through REST) and with admin privs to user@domain.com.
user@domain.com : although this user has admin permissions to the ressouces calendar, the user mounts the ressouces calendar as ics through the "external" URL http://zimbra.server.name/user/confe...m/Calendar.ics.

Now the user creates a new appointment and invites conference@domain.com (that auto accepts the invite). The expected behavior is, that the appointment is visible in both calendars (user and conference) but within some seconds the appointment disappears from user@domain.com calendar and is only to be seen in conference@domain.com's calendar (maybe you need a browser reload to see whats really happening).

In the mailbox.log you can see:
2010-04-18 18:49:35,515 INFO  [btpool0-148://zimbra.server.name/service/soap/FolderActionRequest] [name=user@domain.com;mid=3;ip=;ua=ZimbraWebClient - FF3.0 (Linux)/6.0.6_GA_2324.SLES10_64;] calendar - Modifying CalendarItem: id=20487, folderId=10, method=PUBLISH, subject="Just a Test", UID=1de9846a-41ff-410c-8a08-600fa1551a20
2010-04-18 18:49:35,515 INFO  [btpool0-148://zimbra.server.name/service/soap/FolderActionRequest] [name=user@domain.com;mid=3;ip=;ua=ZimbraWebClient - FF3.0 (Linux)/6.0.6_GA_2324.SLES10_64;] calendar - Moving CalendarItem: id=20487, src=Folder Calendar (id=10), dest=Folder conference cal as ICS (id=20485), subject="Just a Test", UID=1de9846a-41ff-410c-8a08-600fa1551a20
2010-04-18 18:49:35,515 INFO  [btpool0-148://zimbra.server.name/service/soap/FolderActionRequest] [name=user@domain.com;mid=3;ip=;ua=ZimbraWebClient - FF3.0 (Linux)/6.0.6_GA_2324.SLES10_64;] mailop - moving Appointment (id=20487) to Folder conference cal as ICS (id=20485)
So for some reason the Appointment is _moved_ the the conference rooms calendar and so it is not to be seen in the users calendar any longer, although user created the appointment.

This bug can be easily worked around by not mounting the conference calendar as ics but in the "usual" way by just accepting the share...

But I "feel" that this bug could indicates some more or less severe permission problem...