Over the weekend we upgraded from ZCS 6.0.5 to 6.0.6, mostly in order to address some issues with IE and HTML compose (specifically bug 42010). It's very early in the work week and I've already gotten a couple of calls regarding issues with address auto-complete. One user is not getting auto-complete for addresses in her "Emailed Contact" folder. The second user is not getting auto-complete results from the GAL. On the second user I tried clearing the browser cache and logging out/in, but this didn't seem to help. Trying this same account from another PC, the auto-complete seemed to work better, but not sure it was 100%.

So far it is only these two users having issues, but like I said, it's early. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues with 6.0.6. Or if anyone has any other suggestions to try.

I noticed in the release notes for 6.0.6 that bug/RFE 40081 was one of the notable fixes, which is related to the contact table and auto-complete. Wondering if the fix has "broken" something else.