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Thread: [SOLVED] zmshostname question for Clam upgrade...

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    Default [SOLVED] zmshostname question for Clam upgrade...

    For the upgrade of ClamAV, just a quick question - on the command "zmprov ms `zmhostname` -zimbraServiceEnabled Antivirus"

    I am assuming that I substitute zmhostname with the address of my zci server, i.e. the web address that I point browser to, when logging in via admin panel.

    Is this correct?

    In other words, if I log into Zimbra admin at address, I just substitute "" in to the above and run command from within /opt/zimbra dir? Or should it be just Or as written above?

    Because I ran the command above with my hostname substituted in and also as written above, and I keep getting a command not found error...

    Also ran it from within /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.92 and /opt/zimbra/clamav
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    Run the command exactly as shown, the backticks instruct bash to process the variable and substitute the result into the command. You also should be running zmprov as the zimbra user.

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    Thanks very much Dirk I think that was the problem I was not running this as the Zimbra user, I was executing it as root.

    I just ran it did a su - zimbra ran the command and I think it worked, did not get an error this time.

    By the way, I ran zmamavisdctl reload as instructed in wiki and got back:
    Usage: /opt/zimbra/bin/zmamavisdctl start|stop|kill|restart|status'
    So I then ran:
    zmamavisdctl restart
    and then:
    zmamavisdctl status
    and got: back:
    amavisd running pid: 16897
    This all OK?
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