Hi Guys,

From last one year, I am using zcs 5.0.13 and its working very well. Now I am planning to upgrade this version to Zcs 6.x due to below requirements :

1. To get reporting module which can generate quick report / graphs as per mangement requirement.
2. To implement domain / user base signature for customer
3. To enable return reciept for users
4. Enable sa-update
5. User base junk folder management ( user can prepared their own blacklist / whitelist )
6. HTML base signature on standard profile
7. Enable fowarding for multiple users
8. GAL search through standard profile.
8. To get latest antivirus version

I am reading release notes of all new Zcs 6.X version... but confuse which one i should choose ..zcs 6.0.2 , 6.0.4 or 6.0.6 ....again there r some known issues have been mentioned...

Can anyone please suggest which one is best ? i knw i must sound stupid as every version is having good features....but would like to take feedback regardng new version who already deployed it in production ....

And i hope i can directly can upgrade from zcs 5.0.13 to zcs 6.0.2 ONWARDS versions....

Please suggest.