Briefly, I'm using Zimbra Community Edition 6.05 as a POP mail server. I only have one pop account with my ISP, so am using fetchmail to retrieve and forward mails to relevant accounts in Zimbra.

The clients on the LAN being used are microsoft windows 2000.

I have a very simple request. From the admin GUI, I want to select mails for all users, which have been downloaded by the server, but *not* distributed to the mail clients.
Therefore, if I wish, I could for example move all mails due to the postmaster account to the staff account instead.

Now, I'm new to Zimbra and Linux, but have done a hell of a lot of searching and reading.
Now, from what I've digested, it seems the only way to obtain this fairly simple function is to upgrade to the Network Edition and pay an extra fee for the Zimbra Archiving and discovery module.

Please tell me I'm reading far too much into this and there's an easy way to view all incoming, unread mails, using the community edition, just under my nose

Thanks in advance.