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Thread: Major Performance Issues after Upgrade from 5.0.16 to 6.0.6

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    I upgraded from 6.0.4 over the weekend to 6.0.6 and I saw a speed increase on the GUI.


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    I think we cured our problem.

    At first i thaught it was a Xen issue, as the zimbra host is a Xen DomU, and since the update it has started spewing the common "4gb seg fix up" error messages due to the broken/missing TLS in Xen.

    However at the weekend the system monitoring hit me with an email saying it was low on disk space, and when i had a look, it appeared the log files was huge, consuming about 10gb over 5 days.

    A quick scan thru the logs showed lots of java errors, and lots of mentions of a missing LDAP container called "globalgrant". A bit of googling uncovered this:

    I followed the guys instructions, using softerra to add the globalgrant container, and it seems to have sorted the problems. I'm going to speak to a few people today and find out if everything is still running normally.

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