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Thread: forward messages based on pre-defined word search in attachment

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    Default forward messages based on pre-defined word search in attachment

    I want to forward or at least save mail into a folder , based on pre-defined querries inside email pdf attachment ( pdf/a type ).
    Is it possible ?
    Searches can be run, but to forward to, or filter to folder after that, that I don't know.
    Can anybody help / advise ?

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    That's an interesting one. There's no functionality for that at the moment. If you are running Network Edition then an indexer runs on the content of attachments for searching, but there's no hooks into that process and no user level interface.

    Technically it's possible to have the indexer be aware of criteria and pass operations off to another section if they are met. You'll need to either make the changes yourself or file a feature request in the bugzilla to request that Zimbra engineers write it in in a fucture version.

    Bugzilla Main Page - Zimbra

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