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Thread: [SOLVED] Evolution contacts webdav and Zimbra incompatible?

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    Default [SOLVED] Evolution contacts webdav and Zimbra incompatible?

    Hello, all. We are having a nightmare of a time trying to find a Linux based front end to Zimbra other than ZWC (client does not want to use it as a front end). Both Kontact and Evolution seem to have either show stopping bugs or incompatibilities.

    The big problem with Evolution was contacts. With their new webdav address book support, we thought we'd take another look. Once we got past the malformed DNS query (it asks for instead of simply by making explicit hosts entries, we encountered this error:

    libebookbackendgoogle-Message: '' doesn't have mime-type text/x-vcard but 'text/directory; charset=utf-8'

    This does not seem to be an Evolution bug but rather an incompatibility with Zimbra. How do we get Zimbra to give the contacts in the requested format?

    Here is the documentation from the Evolution webdav contacts site:
    * The webdav server has to support ETags and If-Match headers. ETags are only optional in the webdav standard but should be supported by nearly all servers implementations out there. Older apache versions (pre 2.2.8) have buggy If-Match handling, so you might have to enable the workaround for that in the settings.
    * The webdav server has to know the x-vcard mimetype. (This is a little strict and is planned to be improved in a future version). You might have to add the following line to /etc/mime.types (on your server):

    text/x-vcard vcf

    Thanks - John
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