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Thread: MX records and A records issues

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    Default MX records and A records issues

    Hi all,
    I had a server setup working perfectly for now. However, I like to change the
    A record to point the to the web server instead mail server which currently pointed to.
    however, once this A record change, the mail server will starting delivery the mail to the web server instead of the mail server.
    The mx record remain MX 10 IN A remain the same to the mail server.
    any thing to be change the zmprov or MTA?

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    I am not getting what you want to do exactly.Can you please explain what you want to do.

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    Default Sorry about wordings

    I have the original server setup with as mx and the DNS A record also created as to point to the mail server
    Which works fine for us, which user can access the mail server with both or to the mail server.

    However, due some some user request, we like to have the A record for point to webserver instead which cause the problem in the current mail server , the mail server try to delivery the mail to the web server instead the mail server.
    And MTA configuration in the postfix need to amend in order to make the server delivery to the instead of the

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    Default sorry Abhiz

    I should rephase the question.
    I like to have host name on the server change from to
    which mx record will still be
    How should I go about it.

    many thanks

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