Hi All,

I've implemented an alternatie spam/virus/content filter (as an experiment in integration testing on the Zimbra platform) and have small problem. The Zimbra MTA(?) generates a "zimbra-spam-report" message when a message is flagged as spam. These messages are sent to the spam user; despite setting both spam/non-spam accounts as follows:

zmprov mcf zimbraSpamIsSpamAccount ''

None of that is a big deal in itself, however, the alternate spam system I've put in (that integrate SpamAssassin) uses the spam user's inbox to train it's bayesian database.

The "zimbra-spam-report" messages are adding a lot of unnecessary noise and over-head to the spam training and leading to the odd false positive. Despite hunting the forums, Google, the code (downloaded the source for Zimbra) I can't seem to turn these messages off.

Does anyone have any insights as to how to make these "zimbra-spam-report" messages go away??

Thanks in advance,