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Thread: Zimbra Relay Problem - All hosts can send e-mail through my zimbra

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    Default Zimbra Relay Problem - All hosts can send e-mail through my zimbra

    Hi all, sorry for my english,

    I configured zimbraMtaMynetworks as, my domain name is but I can send mail with all domain names if my ip address is How can I configure zimbra for relay domains? (I have multiple domains).


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    We don't especially mind that your English is weak, but in this case, it's getting in the way of your meaning. Can you explain your problem in a different way?
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    What you have done is allow ALL email traffic on the network to be treated as LOCAL.
    Do you have a firewall between the 10.* network and the world?
    My guess would be that your zimbra server is seeing all addressed that come through the Firewall as 10.* network addresses "The Firewall's address".

    Put exact address for machines that you want to relay for in MyNetworks.

    as zimbra user
    zmprov modifyserver YourZimbraServer zimbraMtaMyNetworks ' 10.0.0.nn/32
    repeat the 10.0.0.nn/32 for each server you need to relay for.

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    hi guys,
    OP sorry for hijacking your thread, though ive got a similar/related question

    lets say, i do not want to allow a certain subnet (ie instead a select IP from the subnet.. is it possible to create a lookup table/file instead or should i just put it this way:
    zmprov modifyserver YourZimbraServer zimbraMtaMyNetworks ' up to'
    if lookup from a file/table is possible, i have no idead its syntax

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    Hi again,

    My problem is not MyNetworks, I am in trusted network and using outlook, my pop3 server is and smtp server is my e mail address, when I change my e mail address as I can send e mail with but my zimbra have not My zimbra must send only with

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