I buy a business certificate for zimbra network Edition,Now the certificate will be expired. I want our users force to http mode,so I used zmtlsctl command to replace our zimbra from https mode to http mode,this is my steps:
1) su - zimbra
2) zmtlsctl http
3) zmcontrol stop
4) zmcontrol start
then I find jetty only Listen 80 port, but when I used web browser to visit http://mail.myzimbra.com,the browser force to redirect to the https://mail.myzimbra.com/mail/?zinitmode=http,and the jetty access.log display the url was 302 redirect. and when fresh the https://mail.myzimbra.com/mail/?zinitmode=http,the browser display 404 error.
The jetty https port 443 was not Listend , why the always redirect to https://mail.myzimbra.com,and now I just want to force our mail users to visit Zimbra offers Open Source email server software and shared calendar for Linux and the Mac. immediate.
How can I do.