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Thread: Anti Spam features

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    Default Anti Spam features

    From what I can tell, Zimbra has spam filtering mostly based on Spamassassin and also some RBL support (although it appears to me that one can select RBLs only from a specified shortlist). I also believe that it will verify that the sender's domain name against its IP address before allowing a connection (but I am not certain of this). Are any of the following measures supported?

    • Detecting directory harvest attempts and either denying or delaying connections from the offending server;

    • Ability to delay replies to SMTP handshake;

    • Ability to block or delay excessive or excessive cuncurrent connections from SMTP servers;

    • Blocking messages that contain URLs linking to hosts listed in selected RBL (although I think Spamassassin uses this to score emails);

    • Configurable filtering by content or address.

    Also, will there be a GUI for configuring the RBLs?


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    Most of this can be accomplished with amavis and SA. While we don't have a full UI for spam assassin today it's something we hope to add in the future.
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