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Thread: [SOLVED] Change uid and mail of a user

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    Default [SOLVED] Change uid and mail of a user


    at our company were using our ASP.NET application to create users as well as for the application and Zimbra as well by calling a remote PHP script which implements Zimbra PHP API to create accounts, which works perfectly.
    But the problems start when the new users miss-spelled and need to be corrected, and because we're using mail address format we also need to change the email and uid of the user on zimbra, which fails.
    I have also tried changing those two things localy with zimbra user using command:
    zmprov ma uid changed.user mail
    which produces the following error:
    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: uid is immutable)
    Same error if I drop out the uid and want to change only the mail address only that it says mail is immutable.
    I have tried locking down the account for maintainance before changing and still doesn't work. So now I'm thinking, maybe I am doing this wrong.
    So now the question arises, how to change the address and login of the account?

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    Welcome to the forums

    I am guessing it will be a two stage process in that you will need to do a
    su - zimbra
    zmprov renameAccount {name@domain|id} {newName@domain}
    first then followed by the modifyAccount to change the specific attributes.

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    That's what I did, and it worked. SOLVED.

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