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Thread: Zimbra Rights System should be tested thoroughly

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    Default Zimbra Rights System should be tested thoroughly

    I'm having a little headache with Zimbra Rights system. Not because it's complicated but because some rights just don't work.

    My next task is to create an admin group for our provisioning dept so they can manage domains, accounts, aliases, DLs, and resources globally.

    Here are some issues I encountered (chronologically):
    - By default, when you create a admin group, Zimbra will add default rights for domain admin (e.g. I changed it from domain specific to global.

    - Want to edit an account under, can't see the last name. Try to edit user, can see the last name. *I believe there are many other fields, last name is just one of them*

    - The domain can only list, cannot add new domain. Added rights createTopDomain & createSubDomain. *hooray can see the add domain button*

    - when creating domain, *oops* another error.. Need to add account.zimbraContactMaxNumEntries & account.zimbraIsSystemResource

    - try to modify a domain, can't see "account limits" tab. I add adminConsoleDomainLimitsTabRights, setAdminConsoleDomainLimitsTab, viewAdminConsoleDomainLimitsTab but still can't see the tabs.. @(*@(%)

    - Give up and decide to rant here :-p

    I'm just hoping next release is tested carefully... Thanks for reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgatelecom View Post
    - Give up and decide to rant here :-p
    If you have any problems or suggestions about the features in Zimbra then the correct place to put them would be in Bugzilla Main Page - Zimbra, having a 'rant' in the forums will serve no useful purpose. Posting a bug report or RFE will get to the attention of the developers and make sure the product is improved for other Zimbra users.


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