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Thread: [SOLVED] how to upgrade clamav ?

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    Default [SOLVED] how to upgrade clamav ?

    i know there is already a guide to updating clamav in wiki page but it seem a little complicated to me. so i want ask you guy few questions :

    1. if i already have a lastest zcs server, can i copy its clamav folder and then replace it to the one in server what need to patch ? then zcs still run well ?

    2.if i update clamav manually, what steps should i do ?should i update with root user ?

    is these steps ok ?
    su - zimbra
    cd /opt/zimbra
    wget -c
    tar -zxvf clamav-0.95.1.tgz
    zmcontrol stop
    rm clamav
    ln -s clamav-0.95.1 clamav
    ls -l clamav
    zmcontrol start
    thanks in advance. cos i'm in hurry so i dont have enough time to test the solution.that's why i want to ask you guys for a safe fast way to solve it( after a holiday, i came back and faced this problem. i dont want to upgrade zcs )
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