Dear all

I'm currently experimenting a bit with Zimbra with regards to backup and restoration of user mailboxes. So far, everything seem to be working but there is one thing which puzzles me.

When I try to import a few mailboxes using the "postRestURL" method, the mailbox.log gives me the following line:

<DATE> <TIME> WARN  [btpool?-<ID>://<HOSTNAME>/home/<USER E-MAIL>/?fmt=tar&resolve=reset] [name=<USER-EMAIL>;mid=<?>;ip=<HOST IP>;] misc - tar formatter exception
This is the only error I see in that log file. There's lots of INFO lines telling me that old messages are deleted and new messages, contacts, etc being added. I'm curious to what's causing this and how severe it is. I don't know what log files to check for this tar exception and was hoping that perhaps somebody else might know. I've been searching the forums but without any success.

I'm currently running: Release 6.0.6_GA_2324.RHEL5_20100406144520 CentOS5 FOSS edition.

Best regards