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Thread: Strange SOAP errors on FULL RESTORE

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    Default Strange SOAP errors on FULL RESTORE

    We have two Zimbra servers, one live and one backup.

    - The live server is running 6.0.5 NE and is running fine with 150+ accounts.
    - The backup server is running 6.0.6 NE and is also up and running.
    - We have two domains associated with the accounts.

    After a full backup has completed on schedule, we rsync the entire full-2010xxxx directory to the backup directory on the backup server. Then I go to the backup server's admin console and see the backup there. I then select it and click RESTORE. I leave everything checked as in restore all accounts. I always get this error when trying to restore all accounts:

    Error code: service.FAILURE Message: system failure: link(/opt/zimbra/store/0/6/msg/1/6699-10025.msg, /opt/zimbra/store/0/6/msg/1/6699-10025.msg): No such file or directory Details:soap:Receiver

    If I attempt to do a touch /opt/zimbra/store/0/6/msg/1/6699-10025.msg to make the file exist, it fails later on a different file. So that doesn't seem to fix it.

    I believe it has something to do with the fact that I am restoring ALL accounts. If I restore just ONE account or SEVERAL selected accounts, it works fine. If there is a way to edit the session.xml file to remove some accounts to restore? I tried that and it didn't help (I don't know if it continued to restore all accounts or if editing the session.xml file broke something else).

    Thanks again for any help on this,

    Dennis McEntire
    Lahlouh Inc.

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    Did you try the zmrestore command from the command line?
    We have expereinced issues with old accounts that no longer exist, but they have to be removed from the accounts.xml file by hand.
    See mailbox.log for errors.

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    Default Trying the command line restore

    Here's what I get with the command line restore:

    zimbra@backup:~/bin$ zmrestore -a all -c -lb full-20100501.080008.462
    Error occurred: Read timed out

    It runs for about 5 mins. then gives me this error.


    This is the newest line in the mailbox.log:

    2010-05-04 10:47:08,638 INFO [btpool0-2://localhost:7071/service/admin/soap/RestoreRequest] [;mid=33;ip= ;] backup - Deleting directory /opt/zimbra/store/0/33/msg

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