Dear all, Well i have one question.

Since ZCS version 5.0 i have been training accounts for to learn about spam with the script , 'till here everything is ok, but one week ago we did make an upgrade version from 5.0 to 6.06, so since that upgrade, the spam number has increased a lot in every accounts of our domain.

I did put the execution of the script in the crontab, and it's done, but it seem that it does not doing nothing because the spam everyday increase a little more. So, I have been checking out spamassasin log and it's fine and working, but i think that it's not enough for to win the battle against spam.

Anyone knows if the works ok in the new version (6.06) and if is not work.. please, any suggest for to dicrease the spam numbers that everyday we're receiving in our mail boxes.

Thanks in advantage. Greetings