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Thread: Zimbra Chat room kick command not working.

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    Default Zimbra Chat room kick command not working.

    We have recently implemented the conference / chat room feature. Most users are using the Pidgin front end, though some are experimenting with other XMPP IM clients.

    We are using Zimbra version 6.0.4._GA_2038_UBUNTU8

    For some reason the kick command does not work.

    If I type /help kick, I DO get:
    kick <user> [reason]: Kick a user from the room.

    If I try:
    /kick username zombie
    /kick username "zombie"

    Nothing happens, no error message, nothing.

    If I try:
    /kick zombie

    I get:
    Unable to kick user

    I am room owner.

    Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong here, and where I could gather more troubleshooting information? Or is this feature not actually implemented yet?

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    Exclamation Kick still does not work in Zimbra Chat

    Still trying to find out why this does not work.
    I briefly saw an rss feed with someone else having the same problem, dated May 5th, but when I went to the feed, can no longer find that posting.
    Please, can someone at least provide some beginning suggestions on where to look on why kick user does not work in the chat room?
    Thank you.

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