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Thread: possible to trace auth user to sent mail?

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    Question possible to trace auth user to sent mail?

    Dealing with spambots that probably have auth user/pwd to send mail. We need to trace down what account is sending a volume of messages. Tried hunting the logs and the x- headers, but those show only localhost6, so my assumption is that webmail is being used to transmit those but I can't seem to link the outgoing mail to a given user.

    Is it possible to show who is sending emails or at least trace it down?


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    tail -n 1000000 /var/log/maillog | grep "sasl_username=" > smtpauthlogins.txt
    above will spit out the "smtpauthlogins.txt" open it and see which user's name (sasl_username=USER_NAME) is repeating the most, that dude has a virus infected outlook or spammer got hold of his simple password and relaying SPAM by using SMTP AUTH

    change the password for that user asap.

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