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Thread: ISSUE - FakeAlert-MY.gen (Trojan)

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    Default ISSUE - FakeAlert-MY.gen (Trojan)

    ISSUE - FakeAlert-MY.gen (Trojan)


    ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0 (Build:8.5.1)
    AntiVirus 8.5

    I have currently received a outbreak of around 5 machines being affected by the above Trojan. The issue has been dealt with but would welcome any ideas on to how i can protect myself from this in future?

    The machines that were infected were updated to the latest DAT.

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    The usual answer to that is to educate your users not to open attachments. What has this problem got to do with Zimbra? A slightly better description of your problem might help.


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    If you use Zimbra antivirus, and it doesn't recognize/block a given virus (IN EMAIL, of course), then you should submit it to ClamAV.

    Clam AntiVirus

    Note: if the virus is zipped, you might want to submit both the zipped and unzipped versions, although since Bug 45607 - Suspect.Bredozip-zippwd-13 .zip virus not detected is fixed in ZCS 6.0.7, I believe that Zimbra should detect the virus in either form. (As a workaround until 6.0.7 is released, see the comments in the bug; see also

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