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Thread: Purge old account from /opt/zimbra/store ?

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    Question Purge old account from /opt/zimbra/store ?

    I recently had to delete a large group of users...a few hundred had incorrect user info when I ran my bulk user create...but nonetheless, the users accounts were deleted using zmprov da When going through and seeing the cleanup, it looks like the mailboxes are still in /opt/zimbra/store, even the the account info isn't there. Is there a way to clean these accounts up? I am getting ready to re-run the script to create the accounts(correctly this time) and I want to be sure that residual data isn't sitting in the store that could mess with these accounts.

    Does anyone out there know how to do what I'm talking about? Or does the store do a cleanup of old mailboxes at some point in time? If that's the case, how often and can it be changed?

    Last edited by kirme3; 08-10-2006 at 06:49 AM. Reason: I've gone ahead and filed a support request on this issue. I'll post an update when I get an answer.

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