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Thread: Nginx mail proxy times out using IMAPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klug View Post
    Was ngnix compiled with ssl support?

    That's why I was thinking of trying it against something else than imaps (such as https).
    Oh yeah, definitely!
    After I came accross the timeout bug in nginx 0.7.65, I rebuild the nginx package and made sure that ssl and mail_imap were enabled:

    --with-http_ssl_module \
    --with-mail \
    --with-mail_ssl_module \

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    I don't know then. Sorry.

    But I just remembered that zimbra-proxy speaks "non SSL" with the zimbra-mailbox servers... If you want it to speak SSL, you have to use stunnel.

    Maybe you're hitting the same "bug" that made Zimbra devs decide to go the "non SSL" way?

    Did you check the bugzilla about this?

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    Nope.. didn't check bugzilla but googled quite extensively. I'll try some openssl s_client and s_server magic later.

    Theoretically communication should be from myNginx <--> zimbraNginx and not directly to zimbra.mailbox-servers.

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