There exist so many migration guides so am getting confused. In official documents for NE I can not find much about this subject. It's hard to decide so maybe the community can help me and point to a guide that is suitable for my case.

Am having a Zimbra 5.0.21 Network Edition that we do not know how a previous administrator has configure. So we have set up a new Zimbra 6.0.61 Network Edition that we know is clean and streamlined. It's about 15 accounts that needs to be migrated. I prefer if I could do them one at a time. Thinking about running it as a split domain for a little while.

Both machines are running Ubuntu 8.04. I have of course passwords on both servers to everything except the individual mail accounts. It's primary emails that needs to be moved. I do not believe anyone are using the calendar, briefcase and so on.

Any suggestion what guide to follow or what command to use?