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Thread: Missing users after 5 to 6 upgrade

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    Default Missing users after 5 to 6 upgrade


    I recently upgraded a 5.0.9 system to 6.0.6
    The posix extensions where installed prior to the upgrade.
    As the wikis where not very clear (to me) I did undeploy and removed all the samba/posix stuff using Uninstall Instructions for Unix and Windows Account Management in Admin UI
    I noticed that my last created users were not showing in zimbra admin UI but the stores were still in place.
    zmprov gaa did not list them too
    I re-created the users and changed the sambaID and could access to the users accounts
    but it is impossible to change the passwords as some
    sambaNTPassword missing attributes
    errors occur

    As I cleaned those attributes earlier, I can't figure out where such attributes may still sit.

    this command :
    for i in `zmprov -l gaa`; do echo $i && zmprov ga $i | grep -i "uidNumber|gidNumber|loginShell|sambaAcctFlags|sambaSID|homeDirectory|sambaNTPassword|samba"; done
    outputs no attributes left on any account

    but when I try to change a user password, the admin complains about missing sambaNTPassword attribute

    As the ldap is clean, maybe some attributes are still present in the SQL structure?
    do you know if there is a stronger method to remove all the posix/samba stuff

    thank you in advance
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    I did further tests:

    zmprov ga myuser@mydomain.tld | grep -i samba
    output is null so I guess there is no orphan samba attributes in LDAP regarding this account (double checked, account exists, is queryable with zmprov ga, and working OK)

    But when I try to change "myuser" password from admin UI, I get errror:

    Mail : invalid attr name: [LDAP: error code 17 - sambaNTPassword: attribute type undefined] Code d'erreur : account.INVALID_ATTR_NAME Method: SetPasswordRequest Détails :soap:Sender
    there must be some orphan attributes laying somewhere

    where should I look? do someone have a hint?

    Thank you

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