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    Default Yet Another Address Book Question

    Hi Folks,

    Being an extremely new to Zimbra ZCS 6, I have a question about address books.

    I am trying to figure out how to distribute bunch of contacts in Zimbra. So far I figured out how to import contacts from a csv file and share the contacts with others as a user.

    But how about if I wanted everyone to have their own copy of these contacts instead of me sharing them? Kind of like out of sync situation. For example, after distributing these contacts, each user can update their own copy as they go? Is this possible? What is the best way of distributing the contacts? Sending out a csv to everyone seems not practical to me. Is there any way from the admin console to achieve this, so that somehow the users can look into one place and do whatever they want with these?

    Thank you.


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    One option would be to have a central address book that is shared to each user in read-only format. One would then keep the central book up to date. If a user requires their own copy to update the from within the shared address book select the contact and hold down the SHIFT key and drag the contact across to their own address book. This will copy instead of move.

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