Hi guys,

I've got two ZCS 6.0.4 FOSS running on Ubuntu 8.0.4.
With the go-introduction of the second machine, we wanted replicate the LDAP directory but somehow messed it up.
I'd like to know now, how can I revert back the settings made to LDAP by zmldapenablereplica.
I followed Uninstalling an LDAP replica server to remove the replication from the second machine and disabled the replicati0on on the master according to Ajcody-LDAP-Topics - Zimbra :: Wiki.

Nevertheless, I want to revert the LDAP changes back to what it was before (no "cn=accesslog" and no "cn=syncprov").
"zmldapenablereplica" performs a few "ldapadd" which modifies the directory structure.
What needs the "ldapdelete" command look like to remove what was added, please?