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Thread: Installing commercial ssl on zimbra cs (network ed.)

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    Default Installing commercial ssl on zimbra cs (network ed.)


    ok so I followed the generic instructions from the wiki ( )

    Down to "acquire and install" tomcat restart etc.

    Down to unfamiliarity with the platform, but what does this give me? https for the web login? admin console? imap over ssl? smtp over ssl? or ........

    ..and indeed, supplementary question, how do I get any of the above that aren't ssl'd by that process?

    ( my ssl cert is from geotrust -quickssl premium which returns a cert only... though I know from reading you're unwilling to get into different types of ssl, I'm hoping you can at least point in the right direction)

    Is there something in the admin guide I've missed, or some "easy" instructions to getting ssl going on the network edition? although I know each ssl provider has a diff process, it feels to me like it ought to be possible to generalise a little and I'm wondering if I've just missed it :/


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    Have you done step 9 of that wiki entry? Have you also seen this post? Have you followed those instructions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix
    Have you done step 9 of that wiki entry?
    Thanks for the reply, but are we looking at different entries? there's isn't a step 9 that I can see on there?

    (there's a generic getting a certificate procedure which I've done, then there are multiple specific ssl cert authority procedures such as CAcert, godaddy etc)

    Have you also seen this post? Have you followed those instructions?
    The wiki that is referred to at the head of that thread says
    "If you're working with a commercial certificate, don't use this page - go here instead!" and the go here refers to the wiki I referred to in the first para...

    The author does refer to some instructions (copied below) which I can't find in any document anywhere.. it sounds like I need whatever document the below comes from so I can read it in its entirety!

    "However, when I did the following instruction as suggested to install a commerical SSL certificate, I experienced errors.
    To Install a commerical SSL certificate first remove the self signed cert:
    su - zimbra
    keytool -delete -alias tomcat -keystore /opt/zimbra/tomcat/conf/keystore -storepass zimbra
    keytool -delete -alias my_ca -keystore /opt/zimbra/tomcat/conf/keystore -storepass zimbra

    then using your new certificate and key run:
    zmcertinstall mailbox ssl/ssl/server/commercial.crt
    zmcertinstall mta ssl/ssl/server/commercial.crt ssl/ssl/server/commercial.key"

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    Anyone got any other suggestions on this before I bother support with it :/

    Really just looking for a single document detailing how to get all services working with a commercial ssl cert.

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