Outlook Express has an issue whereby if the mailbox get too big, some of the latest emails will get missing. Or when a harddisk crash and we restore the mailbox backup, users will need to download email from the last backup, which is about 1 week or 1 month ago.

In such situations, what is the best method to do this with Zimbra? From my experience, Zimbra will not let Outlook Express to download missing emails again unless I amend the POP3 server from domain name to IP address. But with this, Outlook Express will download ALL, instead of just the missing period. So I will log into their accounts and move out all their older emails batch by batch into another mailbox so that only the emails they need to download remain in Inbox.

btw, is there a faster way to move all emails from one mailbox to another? Because the select all only select up to 200 email items max.

It will be good if Zimbra also offer download from a range of period beside all or from now on.

Boon Hong.