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Thread: GAL... how do I use it?

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    Default GAL... how do I use it?

    Hey guys,

    I have 90-some contacts in my Address Book in the web interface that I used the OS X iSync tool to sync with my local OS X Address Book.

    I kind of figured these contacts would end up in the GAL but they did not. How do I add contacts to the GAL for other users who are part of this domain to access as well?


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    The GAL is only populated from the user's in LDAP, so the provisioned users. If you have an external LDAP dir setup then the GAL will include those users. If you just want to load some contacts and share them with all users (and your running 4.0 RC1) then you can create a new contacts folder and share it with your team.
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    Looks like I will want to upgrade to 4.0 RC1... thanks as usual Kevin!

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