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Thread: DNS problem?: local delivery: status=deferred

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    Default DNS problem?: local delivery: status=deferred

    Hello, after adding a second DNS ( to my resolv.conf:

    nameserver localhost # bind9 is installed
    nameserver # open dns server

    I have the following problem in the zimbra.log:

    May 20 07:08:22 vmx-ext-fi-1 postfix/lmtp[6997]: 5DBF32F2646: to=<username@mydomain>, relay=none, delay=34212, delays=34022/0.11/189/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to vmx-ext-fi-1.mydomain[]:7025: Connection timed out) is not my public IP address but it is open DNS!!

    As a result mail is not delivered to mailboxes and all messages remain in the deferred queue.

    What is to blame? my configuration or Open DNS?
    I added the second DNS Server because with 'localhost' I cannot 'dig'. (I'd like to solve this issue too but I don't know how)
    Is it correct to add a second DNS server in a ZCS installation?
    What is the best practice?

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    Have you installed BIND correctly?Which ZCS version u r using?

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    Hello, it looks like an Open DNS problem. I've found threads on the Internet about this problem. They redirect invalid queries to search pages. I have the same problem from windows: nslookup resolves to an IP belonging to Open DNS!. I'll never use them again.

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