I'm testing ZCS6 in a virtual machine an everything is going great! But i'm facing problems with spam.... i was testing e training spamassassin and dspam... the bayes values i think i was woo soft, so i raised a little in and dropped the tag and kill percent in administration ui ...

but aftear learn, dspam is putting a high score for message.... i wanted to soft a little, because it score surpass my kill tag ....

anyone now how to setup a new score to dspam ? i used in other solutions to put this im

header DSPAM_SPAM X-DSPAM-Result =~ /^Spam$/
describe DSPAM_SPAM DSPAM claims it is spam
score DSPAM_SPAM 4.0

header DSPAM_HAM X-DSPAM-Result =~ /^Innocent$/
describe DSPAM_HAM DSPAM claims it is ham
score DSPAM_HAM -0.5
but it seems not to work... and i caught that the test in spamassassin is DSPAM:Spam

i tried to grep DSPAM:Spam in /opt/zimbra but no result...