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Thread: Zimbra IMAP available

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    Default Zimbra IMAP available

    Dear community,

    I periodically get notice in my Zimbra section about unavailable IMAP service like this:

    External IMAP Check
    	OK 	05-21-2010 15:18:00 	0d 1h 23m 35s 	1/4 	IMAP OK - 0.101 second response time on port 143 [* OK mydomain Zimbra IMAP4rev1 service ready]
    So, I trying to connect
    HTML Code:
    telnet myserver 143
    and I get the response after 20-25 sec.

    BTW the same situation with internal IMAP check and it happens not more than 2-3 times per week. It goes on about 20-30 minutes. And I didn't see any alerting in my mailbox.log.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank in advance.

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    Maybe your Zimbra system reaches the maximum threads for imap (default to 200). You can run zmstat and look at the graphs.

    If so, you can set the max threads for imap with the following command
    zmprov ms zimbraImapNumThreads <thread num>
    After that, restart the mailboxd.
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