I am having SMTP authentication issues in Thunderbird. I have TLS auth set in the Outgoing Mail Server on my client but still seem to have issues when sending from an external client. Sending via the web interface is working fine.

Looking at the following command output:

[zimbra@mail etc]$ zmprov gs mail.mydomain.com | grep Auth
zimbraMtaAuthEnabled: TRUE
zimbraMtaAuthHost: mail.mydomain.com
zimbraMtaAuthURL: http://mail.mydomain.com:80/service/soap/
zimbraMtaTlsAuthOnly: TRUE

I see that the zimbraMtaAuthURL is wrong (I think) since I have changed the default port for http auth requests to 8080 and not 80.

I also have the mixed mode attribute set:

[zimbra@mail etc]$ zmprov gs mail.mydomain.com | grep Mode
zimbraMailMode: mixed

The only place I have seen that references zimbraMtaAuthURL is in saslauthd.conf. But it seems to merely reference the attribute and not be setting the attribute.

Is there a cli command to change this zimbraMtaAuthURL?