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Thread: Authenticating against Zimbra server (LDAP)

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    Default Authenticating against Zimbra server (LDAP)

    I've read every article on the wiki I could find that pertains to LDAP. I've Googled forever.

    We are about to launch a trouble ticketing system. It allows you to authenticate using an LDAP server. I just can't seem to get it working! I attached an image with the settings I'm using (with the real domain changed). Can someone point me in the correct direction here? I've tried changing the username to zimbra, root and admin. No luck. I know the local LDAP password.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Haven't setup anything to auth to zimbra but hopefully whatever follows might help:

    In my case, I'm using external auth from zimbra, to an external openldap server via ldap/tls (port 389 w/ TLS). I chose that setup since I didn't want to bother with adding the ldap cert into zimbra's java keystore. Since I went with TLS, I don't need to bind as an account.

    The UI I see you posted doesn't explicitly say anything about encryption - maybe it does TLS in the background, in an effort to hide details from you. Or maybe it's in that dropdown. I'm guessing by default zimbra would require some sort of encryption (LDAP w/ tls or LDAPS).

    If you think you need to bind as a user try the whole distinguished name:

    Here's how you'd set it's password if you don't know it: Setting zimbra admin password in LDAP - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Also, you might want to look up how people are auth'ing samba (or whatever else) against Zimbra, or whatever else against zimbra.

    It might help others to help you if you mention the software - my google-skillz say you're using ServiceDesk Plus:

    Configuring LDAP authentication

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    Hi tmanternach,

    As far as my understanding goes:-

    Domain controller - domaincontroladdressort

    UserName - cn=config ------------> or any user which u have created for doing auth.

    Password - If cn=config then ldap password

    BaseDN = seems ok to me

    Distinguished Name Attribute Label = Not sure what this is

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    That got me closer. :-) I'm guessing my Base DN still needs some tweaking.

    Thanks a bunch for the help!!

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