AFAIK, sieve supports regular expressions. So, to the Sieve Enthusiasts of the World I ask you this - anyone care to post an example of it for what I type in for zmmailbox? Or maybe this is more of an issue where Zimbra uses Sieve but doesn't use all of it? that maybe regex support is some module that has to be integrated?

=== the short story ===

In the body of an email I have a like like this:

ip address:

I want to only match the above - but not this case:

ip address:

so when I'm in zmmailbox, this rule fails (with the space at the end):

afrl "testasdfasdf" active any body contains "ip address: " redirect "" stop

=== long story ===

I have arpwatch setup on a few of our linux routers which basically sends email alerts if there are any changes in mac/ip combinations in arp. So, I've made the above rule to SMS page if that's happening so we can run around finding out who is arpspoofing our network.

In theory all this doesn't really matter, since we don't get that many false positives, and there is a plan to upgrade our switches to those that support port security.