Is it possible to say that all mails from an folder (!including subfolders!) are answered with an specific personality?

My tests:
projekt e-mail address (promail@example.local)
worker1 (worker1@example.local)
worker2 (worker2@example.local)

promail shares his inbox to worker1 and worker2
worker1 and worker2 create an personality with "promail@example.local" as answer address. This personality is bound to the shared inbox.

If now worker1 or worker2 answer to an mail in the shared folder automatically the "promail" personality is used.

If there are subfolders in the shared folder the personality is not used in the subfolder. The only thing i can do is to add the subfolder to the personality.
But to add every folder is not practicable. The number of subfolders changes very often. So the projekt owner has to inform ~50 people that he has added an subfolder.

Is there any that an personality is used for an folder and ALL subfolders? Has someone an better idea how to handle such problems?