We were trying to migrate all mails to Zimbra 6.0.6 from GroupWise 8 using imapsync tool. We do not have a lot of users, but have lots of mails (some accounts have more than 10.000).

We found imapsync useful, but with some mails we do have some problems. One is that some mails are tagged as "BAD parse error: invalid date format" and not copied.

In some folders we reach the max timeout and import finishes (no matter if timeout value is bigger).

Then we found one solution that seems to be very easy migration tool: Evolution e-mail client. This e-mail client supports SOAP (support connecting to groupwise MTA direcly) and IMAP, so we can "copy" all the mails from GW to ZCS easily and fast. SOAP needs to be enabled on the GroupWise system first. Old GroupWise systems (6.5, 5.5) does not support SOAP.

There is only one little problem with displayed dates. Email date in the list appears as today, but when clicking on the mail, the date format is correct.

We wonder if there is any way to repair date format in the e-mail listing.

Thanks for the help