Testing out 4.0RC1 on CentOS 4.3 (x86-32bit).

I setup an address delimiter (+), and that seems to work fine, with the exception of forwarding.

If I setup a forwarding address for the account, it will fail to forward these messages because it also appends the delimiter and subsequent string on the forwarding address.


send mail to user+foo@domain.com and have the user@domain.com account set to forward to otheruser@otherdomain.com.

user+foo@domain.com will be properly delivered locally to user@domain.com, but Zimbra will forward to otheruser+foo@otherdomain.com instead of otheruser@otherdomain.com.

In effect, you need support for address delimiters (with the same delimiter) on the forwarding account as well. This only seems likely if you're forwarding to another zimbra account on the same server, as opposed to just another email address.

Is there any quick way to fix this? Or is this a bug? (or I suppose, is this on purpose for some reason?)