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Thread: zimbra mysql php -> first and last name

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    Default zimbra mysql php -> first and last name

    Ajcody-Mysql-Topics - Zimbra :: Wiki

    For our intranet website, I already have user verification upon login to the zimbra server via php, however now I want to get the first and last name of the user to personalize their intranet home page.

    - what login info would I use to connect to the zimbra mysql server from php? mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) - what would the dbhost, dbuser, and dbpass be?

    - As I understand from the link I posted above that I would first need to query the user's mailbox ID before getting the first and last name, correct?

    Any insight would help.


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    For the username/password part - I'm guessing that would be the local zimbra user and it's corresponding mysql password. If you don't know it, reset it here:
    Issues with mysql and logmysql passwords - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Another way, would be to just make your own mysql username and password, and then grant access. Then again, could be that it gets wiped out when there's a new install/upgrade. Could work around it though.

    ... I haven't done it myself. If I were to, I'd do it on a test install first out of paranoia.

    host/ip should be the one of your zimbra box. it would probably be a good idea to encrypt your connection to 3306 if your code isn't on same box.

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